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The experience

Can nature be the undisputed teacher?

Let’s create together an educational experience for all levels of schools.

  1. An adventure that shows the descent on the river and the importance of group dynamics;
  2. A deep and close exploration of a river leads to an awareness of its enormous importance for life;
  3. The great fun of succeeding in the enterprise, moments of games and relaxation make the experience even more meaningful;
  4. Trekking in nature where the experience is recalled and the environmental values of the places can be explored, from a historical, naturalistic-environmental and recreational-sporting point of view;
  5. From weekends to themed white weeks, where in addition to the playful/sporting part, teaching activities are added, in a context of sharing and socializing.

Free Waters has educational proposals suitable for all your needs. We can work on many topics:

  • environmental
  • historical/cultural
  • playful/sporty
  • stimulate the ability to socialize and collaborate among children.

Our team is ready to create a personalized activity and collaborate with teachers to create an “ad hoc” proposal based on your educational/social needs.

Summer camps / Gr.est

Proposals for summer camps and Gr. Est.: we organize activities for large groups, providing a safe experience that gives emotions.

Proposed activities:

  • Rafting
  • Kayaking in the Venetian lagoon
  • Trekking

Organized groups

We propose and collaborate with many organized groups, associations, scouts, communities.

For everyone there is the possibility to evaluate proposals according to their needs. We offer:

  • Support for organizing a multi-day Route
  • To create accessible activities for disabled people of association and community
  • To participate and collaborate in the creation of themed events, where there may be the presence of our activities.