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The experience

With canyoning, you descende on foot inside streams that flow in rocky channels carved by the water – known as “gorges” and you immerse yourself in a fascinating context, abseiled with ropes, making dives and toboggans. It is a very funny and adrenaline-pumping activity if practiced in contexts of medium-low difficulty.

You are always accompanied in safety by a specialized canyoning guide.

River trekking is a simpler and more enjoyable canyoning without “performance anxiety» and there is no need to use ropes and harnesses.

River walking consists in walking down mountain streams with the path drawn by the water.



And many other proposed itineraries.

The equipment

The equipment provided varies according to the activity:

  • Life jacket / helmet
  • Wetsuit / Dry jacket / Water jacket
  • Boots / Harness

What you have to bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Short-sleeved synthetic jersey (not cotton)
  • Fleece or technical long-sleeved shirt
  • K way
  • Synthetic or technical socks (not cotton)
  • Trekking shoes (boots) that cover the ankle and can get wet
  • Towel
  • Life-saving medicines for those who need them



We operate in all our activities in order not to limit accessibility, however for this activity we must evaluate the type of disability